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Illuminated Check Presenters

Illuminated Check Presenters


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Complete the customer experience with LED check presenters. Similar to our two panel menu covers, the LED check presenters light up when opened and automatically turn off when closed. Our LED check presenters feature a standard credit card pocket on the inside front cover and a receipt pocket on the inside back cover.


As with the other products in our Illumination LED Collection, the LED Check Presenters feature soft, white LED lighting and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can keep your check presenters illuminated for hours on a single charge. You will know when it’s time to charge your LED check presenters by looking at the smart battery indicator light. To charge, simply plug in your charger to the discreet charging port on each product.


Our standard check presenter is 9”h x 4.75”w and comes in black simulated leather. Remember, Menu Designs’ forte is custom, so if you want a check presenter design to match your décor let us know how we can design your custom LED check presenter!

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